CHNet-Cultural Heritage Network is the competence network of the INFN-National Institute for Nuclear Physiscs of Italy for the study and diagnostic of cultural heritage.

INFN-CHNet is a network operating under the vigilance of the INFN National Committee for Technology Transfer (CNTT).

INFN-CHNet is both a research network and a distributed service infrastructure for knowledge and technology transfer that is dedicated to science and technology applied to cultural heritage.


Technologies applied to cultural heritage can provide useful information for:
– giving indications to restorers about the correct procedures to be applied for restoration/conservation;
– characterising materials and manufacturing techniques;
– studying the provenance of the raw materials (in order to retrace ancient trade routes or to use original materials during restorations);
– giving indications about material authenticity;


The DAFNE-Light is one of the CHNet primary nodes, and our laboratory offers diagnostic analyses and the development of innovative investigation technologies for the non-destructive (or microdestructive) characterization of pigments, binders and degradation products, by using spectroscopic techniques (FTIR, Raman, XRF, X absorption) and imaging one (FTIR, UV, SWIR, multispectral VIS-NIR, SEM). In addition, the presence of a synchrotron light source allows to perform  analyses and images on micrometric-sized samples. Together with the laboratory instrumentation, portable instruments are available for in-situ measurements.



More information of our service is available on a dedicated website