The DAFNE-Light laboratory, within collaborations and agreements between Universities and INFN, can be used as host laboratory for PhD programs and for students needing to develop the subjects of their thesis and perform measurements using the available research infrastructures.
The topics of the thesis must be previously discussed with the reference persons of the different DAFNE-Light activities in order to control their feasibility.
If you need information on the thesis reported in this page (if any) or you want to discuss about new theses please fill in the form reported below and you will be contacted.
– Deadline August 24 2022 2PM (Italian Time) – Univ. Roma Tre Ph.D. programme, 38th cycleResearch Projects on themes of common interest INFN-Dipartimento di Scienze (Sezione di Nanoscienze e Sistemi Complessi)Cultural HeritageIR beamline SINBAD


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