The laboratory is equipped with two experimental stations, one mainly dedicated to spectromicroscopy experiments and high pressures and the other one to reflectivity measurements and low temperature.



FT-IR Interferometer Bruker Vertex-70V

  • Spectral range: Far IR/THZ, Mid IR, Near IR and Visible (10-10000 cm-1)
  • Fully evacuable optics
  • Automated internal/external sources and detectors switching option

FT-IR Microscope Bruker Hyperion 3000 

  • Spot size: 40 μm with 15X objective
  • Spatial resolution: diffraction limited
  • Objectives: Visible 8X, IR 15X, 36X, ATR 20X
  • Purging box: Plexiglas
  • Windows: KBr, CsI, Polyethylene
  • Polarizers: MIR-FIR
  • Working distance: 24 mm (OB 15X)

Detectors available for FTIR measurements:

  • MCT (area 250 µm, energy range: >550 cm-1),
  • MCT (area 50 µm, energy range: >550 cm-1),
  • Si Bolometer 1.6 K (Energy range: 5 -35 cm-1),
  • Si Bolometer 4.2 K (Energy range: 10 -700 cm-1),
  • Focal Plane Array (64×64 pixels, 900-6000 cm-1), Pixel size: 40 µm, pixel resolution: 2.6 µm (15X) – 1.3 µm (36X), (Ge window)

Experimental set-up for temperature and pressure analysis:


  • Cryostat (microscope): Microstat-N Nitrogen flow(77K)
  • Cryostat Janis Helium flow (Optical bench) (4K)

Reflection units:

  • Bruker A510 Specular reflection unit: Incidence angle: 11°
  • Bruker A513/Q Variable angle unit: Incidence angle: 13°- 85° (grazing to normal incidence)

ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection) set-up:

  • ATR objective: Ge crystal , 100 µm contact area
  • Macro ATR unit: Diamond crystal

Liquid cell:

  • Bruker A140 Demountable vacuum cell: Windows: ZnSe, Quartz, Polyethilene
  • tight cell: Variable spacers (0.006 – 0.25 mm)

Stage Linkam THMS600 (microscope) for high temperature measurements(600°C)

Diamond cell for high pressure measurements (20GPa)


The laboratory is also equipped with a second FTIR spectrometer mainly dedicated to ATR  and HTS-XT measurements.


 FT-IR Interferometer Bruker Tensor II (Mid Infrared):

  • KBr beamsplitter
  • Room temperature detector (DTGS)
  • HTS-XT high throughput scan
  • Platinum ATR Accessory



The laboratory is also equipped with a portable  FTIR spectrometer in reflection and trasmission.

 R-Alpha II portable FT-IR spectrometer:

  • Source: Globar
  • Detector: DTGS
  • Range: 350-7000 cm-1 (MIR)
  • Resolution: 0.5 cm-1
  • Software: OPUS 7.8