The characteristics of DAFNE as synchrotron radiation source are very interesting, mainly due to its very high flux in the vacuum ultraviolet and soft x-ray region (30-1000eV).


For this reason in a detailed project has been elaborated to realize two beamlines working in this energy range. This project gets full advantage non only of the high beam current circulating in the ring (about Amperes) but also of the possibility of inserting the pre-optics very close to the source, in order to collect a significant fan of the horizontal radiation emitted by a bending magnet (BM) without the need of expensive and huge optics. The construction of the  XUV beamlines was completed, based both on the detailed plans approved by the Synchrotron Radiation Scientific Committee and on the available resources. Two bending magnet beamlines  cover the energy range from 30 eV to 1000 eV, an High Energy Beamline (HEB from 60 eV to1000 eV) and a Low Energy Beamline (LEB from 30 eV to 200 eV) one. The UHV chamber hosting the first optical elements collects about 9 mrad of the light emitted horizontally and collimates the emitted radiation into parallel beams entering an existing laboratory has been installed, aligned and is ready for tests with the beam.


In the mean time also the construction of a white light branch line (WINDY) of the HEB has been realized.



The XUV beamlines and the WINDY branch line are all ready for commisioning in 2021.