The soft X-ray beamline is equipped with a Toyama flat double-crystal monochromator based on the ‘boomerang’ mechanism that ensures a fixed-exit beam while scanning the whole energy range that goes from 900 eV to about 3100 eV.


The available energy range depends on the crystals used:


CRYSTAL 2d (Å) E min (eV) E max (eV)
Beryl (10-10) 15.95 900 1800
KTP (011) 10.95 1200 2100
InSb (111) 7.481 1800 3100
Ge (111) 6.532 2100 3100


At the DXR1 beamline Xray Absorption Fine Strucure or XAFS spectroscopy measurements can be performed in absorption and fluorescence mode.