A collaboration including people from LNF, INFN-Fi, the University of Florence and the National Institute for Applied Optics (INOA) started working on setting up the new facility together with a 10000-class clean room for UV-VIS applications in the range 120-650 nm (2-10 eV).

The design of the facility is based on three different setups taking SR from the DXR-2 beam line alternatively: the first apparatus (Exp. 1) will make UV-VIS monochromatic measurements available in the 200-650 nm range, the second apparatus (Exp. 2) will be used for VUV monochromatic measurements in the 120-250 nm range, and the third apparatus (Exp. 3) will be used for wide band UV-VIS measurements in the 200-650 nm range by using filters. This third apparatus will also be used in case of measuring the performances of large optics or focal plane array detectors.