Cultural Heritage Research Highlight 2019-2020

ADAMO Project: Technologies of Analysis, Diagnostics and Monitoring for the preservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage


ADAMO is a Research Project about Technologies of Analysis, Diagnostics and Monitoring for the preservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage [1,2].

INFN, together with public universities (La Sapienza, as lead partner, Tor Vergata, Roma Tre, Tuscia, Cassino and Lazio Meridionale) and the research centers of CNR and ENEA, is part of the Center of Excellence of the Technological District (DTC) for Cultural Heritage of the Italian Lazio Region (financed with 6 million euros by Lazio Region itself).

The objectives of the ADAMO project regard the technology transfer in the context of analyses, diagnostics and environmental monitoring for Cultural Heritage and services to enterprises based on facilities offered by DTC partners (Research institutes and Universities).

Among INFN’s technologies, which are available in the ADAMO project, there is also the synchrotron radiation facility DAFNE-Light, at the INFN Frascati National Laboratory. Indeed, the DAFNE-Light SINBAD-IR beamline is considered an important tool for the characterization of stratigraphic sections through IR micro-spectroscopy.






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Project Coordinator:

Roberta Fantoni, ENEA



WP3 – Analysis and diagnostic by large scale facilities:

Mariangela Cestelli Guidi, DAFNE-Light